Ilkka Kylmälä
Senior Adviser

"Excellent entrepreneur and very committed to educate Finns to learn foreign languages."


Jan Erola
Associate Director at Kreab Helsinki / Program Director of the Helsinki Bookfair

"With Christer's intelligent, yet down to earth and personal approach, I got rid of my fears of the Swedish language and learned quickly. Studying in his tutoring was fun, even though he pushed me further and further. Christer is a great motivator, he finds the topics that really are in the pupil's interest and thus gets excellent learning results eg. by arranging Swedish speaking only -lunches with his other business pupils.
Thank for opening my eyes and ears to the Swedish speaking world, Christer! Highly recommended."


Sari Salojarvi
CEO at Hanken & SSE Executive Education

"Christer is a hard-working and reliable person and manager."


Rauno Heinonen
Head of comms, branding, IR and CSR at Alma Media Corp.

"Christer did a great job in uncovering what Swedish I already knew but did not remember, and gave me valuable media-specific new vocabulary and idioms as well. On top of that, great insights into Swedish culture!"


Jouni Kivikoski
Partner, Prior Konsultointi Oy

"Christer made excellent work as a reputation consultant in a case where we needed high quality research interviews in Swedish."


Sirpa Klaavu-Nikula
HR Expert at Finnish Defence Forces

"I had the pleasure of being Christer’s student in swedish for almost two years. The length of our lessons was two hours a week. These Friday afternoon lessons were the absolute highlight of my week, and they were never boring.

During the lessons we went through the texts that Christer had handed out to us in advance and had lively conversations about current topics. Christer made us a list of the vocabulary used during each lesson.

Due to savings procedures our organisation had to withdraw the language studying. Even after that, Christer has sent us current articles to help us develop our language skills.

I hope one day I will have the privilege of being Christer’s student again."


Leif Johansson
Manager at Meriturva

"Christer has been teaching Swedish language to Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Center´s personnel soon for three years. He has shown good professional skills and good adaption to our maritime culture and working methods. We have been able to develop our safety and survival training to serve our Swedish speaking customers."


Inga Seljeflot-Saharanta
Sales Manager / Representative Norway and Iceland at WS Bookwell Oy

"An inspiring and pleasant person to work with and learn from. Highly recommended and highly trusted both as an employer and of course consultant."

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